Slide We have the ability to interact into our clients' companies and work side by side as part of the team. We get involved always contributing with our approaches and experiences to add to your project. Outsourcing
integro concepts
This website is for scroll navigation. Open the menu to see the projects. We love challenges and the authentic projects with passion. We integrate and get involved from the initial idea to the start-up of each project or business. It does not matter if it is small or big, all our clients are equally important. Customers
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integro concepts

From lat. intĕger, -gra 'intact', 'pure'. / (Adj.) Definition

honest, punctual, loyal, intact, responsible, creative, emotional, someone you can trust, complete, global, total ...
This is our way of understanding the work , the relationship with our clients and how we deal with each new challenge or project . The Design is not authentic if it is not INTEGRAL.
We always give 100% of our creativity, experience and know-how in everything we do. We are concerned about what happens, that is why we dedicate part of our work to collaborating with those who need it most, developing solidarity projects. Honest
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integro concepts
Creativity is our passion, that's why we dedicate ourselves to this. We always think about everything until we find a way to make it original and also work. We can't help it ... it's in our DNA. integro concepts Creative
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We create spaces that capture the essence of each client and each project. We empathize and analyze each case to solve all the needs and reflect the correct aesthetics. We have a team of professionals and technicians who are very well-versed and used to working together as one big family. Able to face any challenge and carry it out on time. Interior design is part of your home, but also part of your business and must be treated as "Intergo" so that it reflects your style and brand. INTERIOR DESIGN
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001 Services Home
comprehensive reform
A design has to like, excite and above all, it has to work, has to become real and last over time, that worries us a lot. That is why we analyze well for whom and for what it will be created. integro concepts Functional
/ practical
Only from a global service is it possible to hit the mark and give the best in each project. Being multidisciplinary and learning every day is part of us. We like orders from scratch, those that come without a name and leave with the door of your business open to the public. integro concepts Global

I enjoy simple things, I like to practice sports and enjoy small adventures such as a game of paddle tennis, surfing or riding a motorcycle or bicycle. Online Marketing lover, I work in online strategic planning, Digital Branding, online reputation, Web Analytics, Search Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media and content development. J.C. Vergara
Teamwork, innovative and digital
"Always on the run
This is where it all starts ... Having an identity and a name is the first thing when starting a new business. We also offer any graphic design service always providing maximum creativity and originality. Our design process allows us to reflect in corporate identities, corporate, advertising or digital designs, the values and concepts behind each assignment. GRAPHIC
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002 Services Corporate
Artistic Director and managing and coordinating the studio. Designer by vocation, he designs everything he can, since he was a kid he invents and modifies the world around him. I am vital, natural and I get adapt to everything, those who know me know I don't hide anything. That's how I am and I always go to everything I give. Paco Ortega
Industrial designer, manager and coordinator of the studio
"Be water my friend
Digital design, web pages, APP, software environments and online marketing are fundamental tools to help spread or sell our clients' products and services on the internet. Nowadays it is essential to be on the net and make them visit you. DIGITAL
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003 Servicios Web
We know how to become part of your company, offering you all our services in a more direct and fluid way, advising you from our experience helping you start all kinds of business since 10 years ago. We become your marketing, design and even technical office, providing with our multidisciplinary team a new vision and all the services you need from within your company. OUTSOURCING
004 Services Co-company
Social Media
We like to create simple, functional objects that try to improve somewhat the environment and the lives of the people who are going to use them. We always design objects designed for mass production even if they are only going to be produced once. We provide this in all our interiors, creating unique and bespoke objects and furniture. INDUSTRIAL
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005 Services Product
With the ability to get involved, review and rebuild. In continuous learning, discovering the sensitivity applied to creativity. He studied Advertising Graphic Design, Web Design and Programming and Online Marketing. He is passionate about the creative process and energizes him. Paco Roca
Graphic & web designer
"know yourself
I am empathic, proactive and positive girl. I enjoy every moment to the fullest, always ready to live and learn new things every day. She studied industrial design engineering. She seeks creative solutions to each project through design, be it 3D, animation or graphic design. Marta Martínez
industrial & graphic design
"Don’t worry be happy
Portega Estudio Creativo
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Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
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This is what we are, if you want to know what we do click here. On this website OINIs (Unidentified Integral Objects) have been sighted, find them and get a gift. Enter here to integrate you.. TELL US YOUR PROJECT! TELL US YOUR PROJECT! TELL US YOUR PROJECT! local_post_office

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